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  Imagine Kentucky with no billboards.

We have a right to preserve our beautiful commonwealth and our way of life. When we allow others to degrade our surroundings we also degrade our sense of who we are, where we came from, and the values we hold in common.

The appearance of a place has a profound influence on behavior toward that place: ugliness breeds contempt; beauty promotes respect. Enjoy that scenic view because it - and our way of life - could be gone tomorrow. And once it's gone, it's lost forever.

UPDATE: 12/24/16 - Just this week: “The Court of Appeals has denied the motions of the Transportation Cabinet and Outdoor Advertising Association to dismiss our appeal of Judge Wingate's decision.” We await a decision regarding whether there is an appeal conference or a briefing schedule setup.

Kentucky lawmakers are considering changes to the state’s outdoor advertising regulations which, if enacted, would result in a profound increase in billboard blight along our state’s roadways. PLEASE Take Action: Tell your state legislators that you oppose more billboard blight in Kentucky. Just enter your zip code to contact your politicians.

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Alternatives exist.

Logo signs provide essential traveler information in a less obtrusive form than billboards, and at a much lower cost to businesses.

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