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About Us

Directors, Officers and Staff
as of March, 2018

Board of Directors
Regina Blake
Kate Davis
Marlene Grissom
Alice Gunnison
Roberta Henderson
Mary Helen Myles
Edwin H. Perry
Stephen T. Porter
Becky Shaw
Jeffrey Skelton
Suzanne Spencer
Mary Stone
Mary Hilliard Wilson

President: Marlene Grissom
Vice President: Mary Stone
Secretary/Treasurer: Kate Davis

Executive Director: Paul Bergmann, FAICP & AIA (emeritous)
Website, Newsletter, Social Media: John Paul

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Mailing Address
Scenic Kentucky
P.O. Box 23317
Louisville Ky. 40223-0317

The Scenic Kentucky Bylaws can be downloaded here.

The scenic photography used on this website is copyrighted by James Archambeault and is used with permission.  Please visit

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Scenic Kentucky is

We can rescue Kentucky roads and cities from the growing visual blight of billboards. We can preserve Kentucky's irreplaceable scenic beauty. It’s time to enact tough billboard controls, and there’s a grass-roots citizens group to help. Scenic Kentucky needs you and your neighbors to send an e-mail, pick up the phone, get involved.

Scenic Kentucky is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that depends entirely on your donations.

Send your contribution or donate using credit cards, PayPal or by check to help protect Kentucky’s unique landscapes from visual pollution.

Scenic Kentucky
PO Box 23317
Louisville, KY 40223

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