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Scenic Kentucky is the state affiliate of Scenic America. Scenic America is the only national non-profit organization dedicated to protecting, preserving and enhancing the scenic character of America's communities and countryside. Scenic Kentucky works at local, state and federal levels to advocate for protecting the scenic heritage of the Commonwealth of Kentucky.

Scenic Kentucky helps citizens and elected officials take charge of their communities’ futures – how they want their commonwealth to look and how to achieve a vision.  We are advocates for local, state and federal laws that help protect and enhance natural beauty and distinctive community character.  We fight to:

• Reduce billboard blight in Kentucky
• Keep Kentucky's highways and byways scenic
• Promote context sensitive highway solutions to protect communities and our landscapes from roads that destroy scenic beauty
• Ensure mitigation of the visual impact of telecommunication towers

As a member of Scenic Kentucky you add your voice to the chorus of people protecting the beauty of our country.

Please help us preserve Kentucky’s irreplaceable scenic beauty.

Scenic Kentucky is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that depends entirely on your donations.

Send your contribution or donate using credit cards, PayPal or by check to help protect Kentucky’s unique landscapes from visual pollution.

Scenic Kentucky
PO Box 23317
Louisville, KY 40223

Top 10 reasons
to control billboards

1. Billboards are a form of pollution - visual pollution.
2. Billboards are out of place in most locations and thus, make one place look like any other.
3. Billboards are unavoidable ambush advertising.
4. Billboard companies are selling something they don't own - our field of vision.
5. Billboard operators completely fail to police themselves or exercise restraint in their location of billboards or in the messages they carry.
6. Billboards are often targeted at low-income, minority neighborhoods.
7. Billboards are the medium of choice for alcohol, strip joints, and casinos.
8. Billboards are both a cause and a symptom of unplanned sprawl development and urban blight.
9. Billboard operators clear cut, poison, and destroy thousands of trees on public land every year.
10. Billboards are ineffective and unnecessary.
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